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Why we love what we do




Year Zero London started in 2006 by the Mazzilli family Louise, Tatum and Rocky and is a free-spirited brand based in the heart of London.


Our brand is a new luxury concept and has flourished over the years, and is completely unique in the fashion market even today. 


It’s a canvas for fashion and art lovers that enable the clients to create their own masterpieces.


The brand will take your favourite bag; be it your Hermes Birkin, your vintage Louis Vuitton or your brand new purchase from Gucci, and will make it truly unique with a timeless customised hand-painted design.


Blending luxury with elegance, flair and personality, creative designer and artist Rocky Mazzilli will attentively listen to your dreams and work with you to make these a reality. His artistic, creative and highly intricate designs are synonymous with his personality – his attention to detail is quite phenomenal and he will make you feel completely at ease as you describe your vision and will help you express your ideas to create a design that reflects your desires – there are no rules! Louise also works with Rocky to create that bespoke, hand-painted one-of-a-kind masterpiece!


We have a very diverse and international client base and you don’t need to be famous or royalty to work with us, our team here is very down to earth and are here to elevate!


What our clients do all have in common is that they are confident, independent and adventurous; open to express themselves in any way they wish with visions that are conversational and powerful rebels with free spirits and citizens of the world. They love Year Zero’s originality and share our freedom of expression. 


Year Zero London is worn by music icons to Hollywood movie stars, philanthropists to royalty like Beyoncé,Nicky Minaj, Kylie Jenner , Will.Iam, Lana Del Rey , Pharell, Madonna to name a few.


The brand has a also huge cult following in Korea and Asia and is worn by K-Pop mega star’s like G-Dragon, 2NE1, Super Junior, CL



Don’t carry bags? Then Year Zero will create your design masterpiece on whatever material you wish; trainers, jackets, skateboards, wallets ...basically if you can think of it, we can do it! 


Year Zero London are the trend setters for today’s discerning consumers, probably the last place where you can still meet and work with the artists behind the creations and become part of the creative process yourself. 


Bringing in fresh designs each week, from one of a kind t-shirts hand painted with provocative slogans to wall art and more.


It is Year Zero’s attention to detail and bespoke work on each and every piece that ensures the brand stands out from anything else on the market. 


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