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Year Zero London X Rave_art_custom's  Collab T-shirt is hand painted and airbrushed on a classic Unisex American Apparel 100% cotton base. Keeping with the in house's one of a kind, artistic  approach to fashion, each T-shirt is Airbrushed with a pink fluro and distressed lavander effect and has the Iconic "BEAUTFUL" slogan airbrushed in grey and black.

All the t-shirts are pre-washed to give a lived-in effect and come packaged in an amazing bag which is hand painted with a unique artwork created by the artist himself to be worn as a mask to keep, frame, wear and have fun without getting exposed or recognised.

*Please be aware each artwork is slightly different and will vary every time.
Every T-shirt is hand painted so the design,colour and drips will have slight variations as well.   





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